"What's The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Loved One This Christmas?"


A Confident Loved One Is An UNSTOPPABLE One Right?

Head Instructor- Kenneth Bigbee Jr./Former Navy SEAL

Dear fellow gift seeker,

My Name is Kenny Bigbee Jr. owner of DragonFly Martial Arts Academy right here in Plainfield.  As a gift seeker like you, I am always trying to find “THAT” perfect gift for my loved ones and friends breaking the bank.

Are you looking for that Perfect Christmas Gift for your loved ones? Have you ever thought about Kickboxing Strength and Conditioning training for them before?

If so then now is the time to act... Because this year I am giving away 2 months of my Kickboxing Strength and Conditioning program for only $69. Plus a FREE Official DragonFly Martial Arts Gloves T-shirt & Fitness Floor Mat (Value $40) And FREE shipping and handling. Imagine your loved one's excitement when they open presents under the tree to find a Kickboxing uniform and 2 Months of lessons at our school. Imagine all the extra benefits your loved one will get from just being in Strength and Conditioning.



If you order by November 30th you also receive a $10 Gift Card from Target!

Read below what people are saying about how our program has changed their lives.

Real Success From Real Customers...

Chris Balmer Chris Balmer

The discipline and skills I have learned at Dragonfly have helped me succeed in every aspect of my life! The confidence I've gained through mental and physical growth here has been a vital tool to springboard my professional and personal life to its highest point. I've never been apart of a better program!

Kellen Hodge Kellen Hodge

Great place, great instructors. I would definitely recommend going here no matter what your workout intentions are!

Jacob Montgomery Jacob Montgomery

I've been working out here for two years, and it has helped me in ways I couldn't have began to imagine. I'm more focused on general tasks and it gives me a drive to improve on my day to day activities and my martial arts.

Carl Moss Carl Moss

Great place to train.  Brilliant instructors and amazing people.

Great people, great workout, and most important to me-a great kids program! We are a family at DragonFly!

Liz Stringer
Jim Negro Jim Negro

Love Dragonfly! The benefits to our family have been nothing but positive. Although tough, there is a great positive atmosphere.

Zach Wright Zach Wright

Just signed up my son after two free classes. He tried kickboxing one day and jujitsu the second free class to see what he liked. Loved both styles and signed up for both. The atmosphere is work hard but relaxed. The teacher is great and his fellow classmates immediately took him under their wing and helped him a lot. Right away he felt like he was part of the team. After one class he felt like he had good friends, learned a lot and his confidence was up walking out the door. Already I can tell it will be the best money I've ever spent.

J Michael Best J Michael Best

After training in NYC for a few years, I moved to the Indy area and started to look for a gym to continue training. Dragonfly MMA is the place! Very inclusive gym - they made me feel very welcome, showed me some new techniques, and helped me to perfect some skills that I was familiar with. Kenneth Bigbee Jr is a great instructor, eager to share his knowledge with his students. My goals whenever training is to stay safe, have fun, and learn some martial arts. Mr. Bigbee and his staff nail all three. Highly recommended!

This Year Why Not Give The Gift That Will Improve Your Loved One's Life For The Rest Of Their Life? Listen...

I will increase your friend or loved one's confidence, self esteem, burn unwanted fat, tighten and tone their abs and body, increase your energy levels, teach you and your loved ones how to defend yourselves, make you more flexible, and instill fitness habits that will last a lifetime... all to pulse pounding music while having a blast.

Need More Proof Keep Reading...

Todd Leveque Todd Leveque

I feel a wonderful, natural euphoria after a 100% dedicated workout!

Matt Schober Matt Schober

A great place to train! Very inclusive gym, everyone is like family here. Everyone is allowed to train at their own pace, and there's motivation to improve yourself without pressure to do anything you're not comfortable with. Whether you're looking to fight professionally or just need a hobby to stay in shape, Dragonfly MMA can help!

Georgette Montgomery Georgette Montgomery

"I signed up for the Dragonfly Summer Fitness Boot Camp with no intention of winning the grand prize. I participated in the Boot Camp because I wanted and needed to improve my overall health. Participating in the program with others held me accountable and gave me motivation to achieve the results that I wanted.


During the eight-week program, I lost 15 pounds, 4 inches and 6% body fat overall. I went from not being able to do a single "man" push-up at the beginning to doing 13 push ups at the final assessment. I also increased the number of squats that I could do in one minute by 24, and increased my flexibility by 3. All of the improvements were given point values, and I had the most points at the end of the Boot Camp.


I was given a Gift Card that allowed me to go to a web site to choose from a wide variety of gifts which included jewelry, hand bags, kitchen appliances, televisions, pots and pans, exercise equipment--so many things to choose from! I decided on a leather, power recliner, which reminds me every day of what I accomplished. The best prizes of all were better, overall health, regaining self confidence in myself, and the camaraderie that I developed with the people that I train with."


- Georgette Montgomery

Tyson Crowell Tyson Crowell

"I am a 40yr old firefighter who has been in martial arts since I was 15. Like many my age, I started in Karate and after receiving my black belt I spent several more yrs. teaching etc. However, I still felt like I had so much to learn, and realized I was just learning to put it all together. When I moved to Indy, I was looking for a place to train and realized that schools had changed and didn't emphasize fitness like the used to. I decided to join a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school and found Marcello Monteiro. That's where I meet Kenny Bigbee, one of Marcello's top students. Soon after I started training with Mr Bigbee at his academy Dragonfly Martial arts. The strength and conditioning is excellent and you can work at your own pace. Mr. Bigbee knows how to push you to your limit and then push you a little more. I look forward to continue to train with the dragonfly family and challenge myself in the Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Strength and conditioning. It also helps keep me stay in shape, for my job, as a firefighter.


- Tyson Crowell


REMEMBER: After December 9th @ 6:00pm we are closing the doors to this amazing offer. So don't miss out on getting you or your loved one's 2 months of strength and conditioning kickboxing training and a FREE uniform for only $69.

PLUS: Your friend or loved one will get a FREE nutritional consult.

After you order Zeke Garcia our program director will call you to make sure we have all your information correct and he will let you know when you can expect to have your uniform and 2 month certificate in the mail.

ALSO REMEMBER... The Bonus $10 Target Gift Card Is Only Available When You Order By November 30th


Orientation Day!

This special class will be on January 3rd. Your friends or loved one's will get to meet and work with the instructors that will be teaching their classes. Also they will discover the basic kickboxing techniques ti be successful and comfortable in class.

Mr. Bigbee will also go over the entire program with you and will be there to answer any additional questions you may have.



  • Wednesday, 3rd January 2016

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You or your loved one's spot is waiting for you to claim it. Just $69 gets you 2 months of our strength and conditioning kickboxing program that will improve you or your loved one's confidence, a free official uniform mailed to your door for FREE with a beautiful certificate for you to wrap up with the uniform,  a free nutritional consult, Plus  a FREE $10 Target gift card when you order by Nov. 30th 2015… Just click the pretty yellow “Add to Cart” button below…
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