"What's The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Loved One This Christmas?"


A Confident Loved One Is An UNSTOPPABLE One Right?

Head Instructor- Kenneth Bigbee Jr./Former Navy SEAL

If so then now is the time to act... Because this year I am giving away 2 months of my martial arts program for only $69. Plus a FREE Official DragonFly Martial Arts Uniform (Value $40) And FREE shipping and handling. Imagine your loved one's excitement when they open presents under the tree to find a Martial Arts uniform and 2 Months of lessons at our school. Imagine all the extra benefits your loved one will get from just being in Martial Arts.

Dear fellow gift seeker,

My Name is Kenny Bigbee Jr. owner of DragonFly Martial Arts Academy right here in Plainfield.  As a gift seeker like you, I am always trying to find “THAT” perfect gift for my loved ones and friends breaking the bank.

Are you looking for that Perfect Christmas Gift for your loved ones? Have you ever thought about martial arts training for them before?



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Read below what people are saying about how our program has changed their lives.

Real Success From Real Customers...

Chris Balmer

The discipline and skills I have learned at Dragonfly have helped me succeed in every aspect of my life! The confidence I’ve gained through mental and physical growth here has been a vital tool to springboard my professional and personal life to its highest point. I’ve never been apart of a better program!

Chris Balmer
Jacob Montgomery

I’ve been working out here for two years, and it has helped me in ways I couldn’t have began to imagine. I’m more focused on general tasks and it gives me a drive to improve on my day to day activities and my martial arts.

Jacob Montgomery
Carl Moss

Great place to train.  Brilliant instructors and amazing people.

Carl Moss
Liz Stringer

Great people, great workout, and most important to me-a great kids program! We are a family at DragonFly!

Liz Stringer
Jim Negro

Love Dragonfly! The benefits to our family have been nothing but positive. Although tough, there is a great positive atmosphere.

Jim Negro
Zach Wright

Just signed up my son after two free classes. He tried kickboxing one day and jujitsu the second free class to see what he liked. Loved both styles and signed up for both. The atmosphere is work hard but relaxed. The teacher is great and his fellow classmates immediately took him under their wing and helped him a lot. Right away he felt like he was part of the team. After one class he felt like he had good friends, learned a lot and his confidence was up walking out the door. Already I can tell it will be the best money I’ve ever spent.

Zach Wright
John McWilliams

They are wonderful with kids. I recommend them to every parent with young children, girls especially.

John McWilliams
J Michael Best

After training in NYC for a few years, I moved to the Indy area and started to look for a gym to continue training. Dragonfly MMA is the place! Very inclusive gym – they made me feel very welcome, showed me some new techniques, and helped me to perfect some skills that I was familiar with. Kenneth Bigbee Jr is a great instructor, eager to share his knowledge with his students. My goals whenever training is to stay safe, have fun, and learn some martial arts. Mr. Bigbee and his staff nail all three. Highly recommended!

J Michael Best

This Year Why Not Give The Gift That Will Improve Your Loved One's Life For The Rest Of Their Life? Listen...

I will increase your friend or loved one's confidence, self esteem, teach children to avoid peer pressure, increase your motor skills, teach you and your loved ones how to defend yourselves, how to handle bullies, and teach life skills that will last a lifetime.

Need More Proof Keep Reading...

Audry and Hanah Hickman

The classes at Dragonfly are geared towards self-discipline, which both my girls, ages 10 & 11, need to learn and are learning at Dragonfly. They have just began classes within the past few weeks and are learning to look, listen, and learn by actively engaging in watching the instructor teach a new move and then practice those moves with partners. My girls learn the self-discipline of working hard and paying attention by not only quietly watching the Instructor teach, by practicing the moves repeatedly, fully engaging their bodies, training their bodies to learn martial arts.

The classes teach not only self-discipline for each individual student in martial arts, but also have incentives for students that do well in school (grades, achievements), volunteer opportunities, chores at home, and being respectful to their parents and others. These are all forms of self-discipline. The students at Dragonfly are also taught to have proper respect for their instructors in class. This helps the class run very smoothly, and creates an environment where learning can be accomplished.

Students – Audrey and Hannah Hickman

Audry and Hanah Hickman
Matt Schober

A great place to train! Very inclusive gym, everyone is like family here. Everyone is allowed to train at their own pace, and there’s motivation to improve yourself without pressure to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Whether you’re looking to fight professionally or just need a hobby to stay in shape, Dragonfly MMA can help!

Matt Schober

Before my daughter started at Dragonfly, she struggled with speaking up to others whether it was to ask a teacher or other adult a question or standing up to a fellow classmate when they were being disrespectful to her. She was very shy and soft spoken outside her home. We began looking for a martial arts academy that would teach her confidence and to be more assertive.

I have watched her grow so much this last year. She has gained the confidence to speak up when someone isn’t being respectful to her. She deals with this daily with another child in her class. Last year she didn’t have the courage to speak up and this year she lets him know that she isn’t going to tolerate anything but respect from him. Her confidence and assertiveness is growing daily.

Thank you Dragonfly instructors!!

Student-Mati Theriault-Thompson

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PLUS: Your child will earn their first belt by the end of the 2nd month.

After you order Zeke Garcia our program director will call you to make sure we have all your information correct and he will let you know when you can expect to have your uniform and 2 month certificate in the mail.

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Orientation Day!

This special class will be on January 4th. You or Your child(ren) will get to meet and work with the instructors that will be teaching their classes. Also they will earn their first skill stripe during this special class.

Mr. Bigbee will also go over the entire program with you and will be there to answer any additional questions you may have.



  • Wednesday, 4th January 2016

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